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This site contains discussions from the first offering of African Women Writers at The George Washington University in Washington, DC taught by Dan Moshenberg and Shereen Essof. It is a course to be offered to study and support the works of selected and prominent African-based women writers. We begin this series with the works of Yvonne Vera, leading Zimbabwean novelist, short story writer, essayist, editor, curator, feminist, activist, and more. We will study the positionalities of African women writers by considering Vera’s work as signature to the text of the postcolony. In what sense is Zimbabwe iconically postcolonial? In what senses does Yvonne Vera re-inscribe the postcolonial? Reading and reflecting on and through Yvonne Vera’s work, what understandings and articulations of postcolonial (as) feminist and feminist (as) postcolonial emerge, and which remain written under erasure?

Works edited by Cassandra Schaan and Joylynn Holder

Designed by Joylynn Holder